MY journey as an artist evolved though the intense fervent feeling I've always felt. Almost like an My electricity running through my veins.  A kind of drive amazing energy level, and l a vorpal   mind..
Two things I knew from a very early age.   The things others
could casually expect, for some reason were not available to me...AND THERE IS MAGIC!
   Magic took my father.  Anything is possible!     My father was a third generation Annapolis graduate who mentored John McCain. who also became a top gun pilot.    My father married a DC beauty queen &  they quickly had 5 children in their idyllic suburban dream house.   I was the youngest.   And in 1963,  three months after my birth,  my father went missing in the Bermuda Triangle.  This magical unexplained global mystery.  This sent our suburban haven into a maelstrom of confusion and panic.  My toddler mind could only deduct that since my father went missing under 'magical '  circumstances 3 months after my birth, that I, too, must be touched by magic.  And i felt different.  my family was sent into a tailspin. my mother elegant but ill prepared to handle five children, also dealing with the loss.  my parents expected an affluent family life.   Their family was then fractured & in a fugue state.  three months later JFK would be shot & the rest of the country joined our grieving confused state.  
      But being a toddler with a busy mother., who often overlooked me for my well behaved ways,  I was not doted on much after being nursed with her tears.   I was left to wander and exist in my own music- filled 60's life.   But she always took me to museums & palaces.   And I picked up my sisters ballet dances just by waiting in the rooms.   My mother married another officer pilot.   We moved to the SF Bay area in 1968. The contrast between hippy culture & the high elegance inspired me.   I just floated around dreaming & creating weird things .   We also lived in Newport Rhode Island for a bit where i studied the Vanderbilt mansions with my mother,  the dosen.  I was very creative from very early on.   School mates wanted to team up with me on projects.  I assumed the role of art director at 10for my oldest sister's high school film project. Girls fought over my grade school art class assignments.  my Easter eggs or Christmas ornaments, baked goods.  looked Hollywood!  As i got older I started drawing people . I drew so many people. It was easy.  I enjoyed drawing beautiful girls. And being raised in the era of Playboy, the magazine was always around the house and the sophisticated cheeky cultured magazine was awe inspiring to a 10 year old. the photographs were how i learned anatomy.  And manstyle.   As I   went through high school I already considered myself an artist, that was my identity,  it was a calling and a gift and a responsibility.  I had no choice.  And i took it very seriously.  I studied whatever artist intrigued me, Leading me to do paintings in styles like that of, Sargent, Escher, Vargas, Mucha, Kelley & Mouse, ( who did Grateful Dead & Journey art),   Monet,  and of course , Dali.   I got involved in Drama and Set Design & amazed local directors who would point to something in a book then point me to a large piece of cardboard then stand back & let me recreate it for them.  I have a wicked sense of humor so i also helped with promotion & gimmicks.  I did the yearbook artwork.  I was accepted to Parson School of Design,  but due to another family crisis, i could not attend and attended Sacramento State university and Davis University where I studied under Wayne Thiebaud after that.
      As far as art, history and skil lset, I am mostly self taught.  I felt an obligation to trust my talent( and my father)  to figure out how to do what i wanted to do.  I am magic. It just is.  I have to trust that.  And that meant i had to also feed this power with paintings that say something important from the perspective of the American late20th century mythos and it"s relevance in the millennium.  I had to be honorable and try to inspire artists and people in general.  And I would try to upgrade everything i touched to a more intriguing and curious fashion.  I wanted to create beauty.  Pure beauty.  And that meant canvas, board, & brush. No filters, no digital,  no technology, no reliance on special venues or power.  Just a sheet of cloth with the most memorizing vision I can put on it.  
      I create contemporary dreamscapes that are beautiful & passionate in image but had a comment on the ironies of the changing of the century.  And mankind"s primal urge to keep wanting more.  Living in San Francisco for 26 years fed my passionand spirit. The city and its lifesforce gave me wisdom. I have been lucky to be so have this way to express my emotions.  So easily.   I have always trusted where the canvas is going to take me & though they vastly range in cultural social cohesion.  There are the same emotional pulls, hidden images, visual double entenrdes, & nods to classic or contemporary art.  Paintings so intense, they have been known to cause Stendahl"s Syndrome.  
    In my youth,  I promoted my work only occasionally I had several solo shows in Sacramento at the Watt Gallery.  In San Francisco I was an active member of Artspan for 12 years and participated in Open Studios five times. But I painted because I was inspired by something and I went on that way.   I landed a creative and successful career as a men"s stylist at Nordstrom in San Francisco.  There I was introduced to the cream of San Francisco success. I made sure they knew that I was an artist too which made me distinctive with my taste level& color expertise. I hosted amazing theme parties & picnics based on artistic themes with extreme crazy witty creations. A very Magritte Christmas, Let Frida Ring Mexican 4th of July. a Hobbit's Token, Toking Tolkein party, My flare and surrealist"s extreme bent made these events very successful. This way I could inspire people less able to understand the act of art.   I enjoyed this existence and learning about people all over and traveling alot enriched my vision.   I also needed to live to know what to paint.  My journey has also allowed my to complete a screenplay, write a children's book,  clay sculpture, set building, graphic design and advertising. band and theater flyers. tattoo designs. piano, and other experiments.
     Another strange aspect of my journey is that I try multiple styles almost simultaneously .  I like to keep me creative side challenged so I can travel anywhere on a canvas, my magic carpet ride.   I still do portrait work and I usually do then in an artistic homage of an appropriate artist. A glamour portrait like Sargent.  A pinup like Vargas, A minimalist graphic like Nagel.  Portraits are fun!  I have also had some success in my still lifes.  those are sold on Saatchiart.comIshown a lot of my still lifes in SF reataurants And sold quite a few.  I occasionally paint spliced effects for editorial comment .   i enjoy doing still lifes and have an intense affection for succulents.  I feel they are the coral of the earth.  I have many florals and still lifes which are cohesive to my surreal works which usually include a still life as well.
All my life, with every wishbone, first star , dandelion, birthday candle, I always wished for a magic wand, & eventually I got it....  A paintbrush!!
I am seeking exposure,  not because art is importantto me, but I think my art could be important to many other people