In college, I learned of Peter Paul Rubens.  All I knew before that was how sometimes full figured ladies were described as 'Rubenesque.'  I was given a monogragh of his work and his fleshy passionate bodies and his sensative way he portrayed faces moved me.  He had a movement to his paintings. A very volitile approach to compositions, even in serene settings. His mythological allegories displayed much symbolism. He worked tirelessly for the court of Marie D' Medici in the 16th century. A Baroque artist.  I studied how he represented foliage, hair, fabric, water, and above all. flesh.   One of my favorite artists.  Whenever I am in Paris, I journey to the Louvre to see the grandiose Rubens Room.  20 huge canvases detailing the expliots of Marie, her husband Henry II, and any number of gods and goddesses in graceful compositions.  I have used portions of his paintings in many of my paintings including DECEPTION, ENRAPTURE, and many others