DENIAL (48” x 72”)  A group of large 'elephants in the room' burst through the urban cityscape, while ghosts of dubious culture icons,  survey this scene like gods. Angelina Jolie, Al Gore, Martin Luther King, Bill Clinton, Putin etc.  Reflected in the mirror maze of buildings, can be seen multiple reflections of a high wire walker.  The machine works spell out “The greatest show on earth”, and a central building have its vertical lines spell out, Denial.

MADNESS (24" x 36")  Random colorful items fly freely and alter their form in a mythological circus with faces of Charles Manson, Norma Desmond & other luminaries fly around a nude woman with her doll and a homeless man undressed from the waist down.

ORIGIN (36" x 48")  Two monkeys tear at an oversized be on an 'Oregon Honey' poster, thinking it's a monster, though in truth it is the supreme life giver.  They stand on obsolete typewriters with the histories of Shakespeare in them ( monkeys in a room with typewriters, a metaphor to evolution & also the Royal typewriters ' winners' writing the history) Their as they tear the Oregon is converted to Origin and the Honey becomes One.  As they seek explanation, their tears reveal a dilapidating Rubens crucifixion fresco underneath, with stars & sky under that.  The tears also form a portrait of Darwin, who looks very much like the Christian Lord.

DECEPTION (36”x 48”)  The Trojan Horse story is retold in a fanciful warfare the 1000 ship launched are replaced by airships representing the planets. All manner of warfare is being planned and practiced by over a hundred little soldiers ( or children playing). Under the horse, the soldiers form three heads based on Ruben's 'Judgement of Paris', with the central head being crowned and the soldiers spell out 'love',  but that is a red herring. The title is spelled out in the tent flags, what all war is really about. Deception.