My name is Jeffrey Stewart .  I have considered myself a serious artist all my life, first and foremost.  In everything I do, I try to apply a superlative, unusual approach, whether it be painting, planning a theme party, wrapping a present, or trying a new craft like mosaic or ceramics!  It’s as if I have no choice, it’s my mainframe. To be the best I can be.  That's what drives me!

My primary style is surreal with a socio-political subtext.  But I have many other distinctive ideas that I wish to further develop into series of paintings.  I plan to discuss and display the process of these grand surreal dreamscapes.  As well as the other techniques I’ve developed.

The hardest part for me and I’m assuming most artists is that they / I have so many ideas that require time to develop and complete and there are only so many hours in the day.  You must filter out which ideas are worthy of execution.  For every piece of artwork I do there are at least five ideas that don’t make the cut.

For the last 15 years, I worked also as a personal stylist for many successful men in San Francisco where I lived.  It was a good situation.  I worked mostly by appointments, made my own schedule and my clients were the most gracious interesting men!  But people define you by what you do.  No matter how skilled or dedicated I was, I was still a suit salesman and the time I spent in retail prevented me from realizing certain projects.  So I decided to quit my retail endeavors, so I could develop and execute the many ideas I come up with.  I will document those projects and the philosophies that inspire them, here.